Midwife Care Benefits

Benefits of a Midwife Attended Birth

Benefits of a Home Birth

When a birth is at home, it becomes the intimate, private, natural process it's meant to be. Birth as a medical process in a medical facility creates little privacy or family decision making, and takes away many choices families later wish they had the freedom to make. Birth is a natural process, not an illness needing hospitalization. Giving birth at home allows mother and baby to bond as soon after birth as possible. This gives the baby the best chance for physical, emotional, and mental health. For all women without any serious medical complications during pregnancy, home birth is perfectly safe. Most importantly, the mother will be in control as a partner in her care, assisted by someone she knows– her midwife.

With our service, your Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife follows the Midwives Model of Care. This approach is unlike using traditional obstetric care, in that it is family-centered and focuses strongly on the mother's wellbeing as an important factor in a good birth outcome. Mothers move around, change positions, relax in a warm waterbirth pool, and describe their birth experience as less painful and less stressful. In fact, they say it is the Family Event it should be.

Many of the benefits of your Midwife maternity care begin with your prenatal visits. For example, your prenatal appointments are typically 30 minutes to an hour long, at our office or in the convenience of your home. The extra time spent with you serves to reinforce the personal and intimate nature of a midwife attended natural childbirth, while at the same time building a solid relationship that will enhance your birth experience. Extensive prenatal education about testing options, birth options, and holistic ways to maintain a healthy pregnancy takes place within these visits with your midwife. Your family becomes familiar with the birth team - and your midwife becomes familiar with your family, as well as your particular desires for the birth. And your family and children are always welcome at each visit.

Your midwife is available by phone 24/7 for questions or concerns. At the birth, patience and warm support are the most used ‘tools’...there are no rigorous time frames or ‘shoulds’; each birth is viewed as being highly individual and completely normal in all its various forms. Parents receive honest communication about choices - allowing you to make informed decisions and to be part of your care, rather than subject to it. For more information on the benefits of a Homebirth Delivery Vs. a Hospital Delivery, visit our Home Birth Advantage page.

Scientific research leading to Evidence Based Care shows that over 98 percent of mothers can safely qualify for a Homebirth Delivery, with appropriate prenatal care and attendance of a Certified Professional Midwife. Of course, for the rare 2 percent where true medical complications arise, your Midwife collaborates with specialist physicians in these situations. Your Midwife is meticulous in the assessment of moms and babies in order to ascertain when medical intervention is truly needed and appropriate, rather than simply performing routine intervention when no true medical indication exists as is typical in a hospital setting. For more information on the safety of a Midwife Attended Homebirth, select this link for The Medical Literature on the Safety of Homebirth, and this link for Homebirth Safety References.