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About our former licensed birthing center...


At West Texas Midwife Services our core service has always been a Midwife Attended Birth at Home, commonly referred to as a Homebirth. With the addition of our former licensed birthing center (2006 - 2008), we continued to introduce many women to the idea of an out-of-hospital birth experience. The purpose of offering a licensed birthing center option was to introduce women to the concept of an out-of-hospital birth by giving them the opportunity to give birth in a free standing birthing center, which in turn, for future pregnancies, would hopefully lead to the optimal choice of a Homebirth.


Even though studies show that birth is safe at home, we are constantly inundated with technology and all of its 'glory'. Since technology is such a big part of our lives, it is difficult for some of us to trust nature over technology and machines.


As a result, some may be unfamiliar with the concept of a homebirth, often thinking that a birthing facility or hospital has more access to technology and machines, and therefore must be safer. However, this is not the case.


An example of this is with free standing birthing centers (those not affiliated with a hospital). A birthing center has equipment and technology that the midwife  brings to your birth -- to the birth center. This equipment and technology is the exact same equipment and technology that is brought to your birth, by your midwife -- for a homebirth.  And of course, it is certainly ironic that the routine overuse of technology and machines, as frequently seen in hospitals and hospital based birthing centers, actually increases the risks to pregnant and birthing women, as well as newborns (for more on this topic, see our "Facts and Myths" page, and our "Frequently Asked Questions" page).


Therefore, over time both through education and preparation, we have successfully encouraged numerous families to seek the Homebirth experience, which has been embraced by many with wonderful results.


The demand for Homebirth continues to increase each year, as more and more consumers realize the superiority of the Homebirth experience, so much so, that we have elected to no longer offer a birthing center option for our practice. With our full focus on the Homebirth experience, we continue to consistently uphold the highest midwife standards of care to provide primary comprehensive maternity healthcare and midwife attended pregnancy and birthing services, for all of Midland, Odessa, and surrounding communities of west Texas and southeastern New Mexico.

Your prenatal care during pregnancy, and your postpartum care after your private Homebirth, both take place either in our maternity care office, or in the convenience of your home. Of course, you may choose any out-of-hospital residence for your birth place location, but there are many advantages to choosing to give birth in your own home (for more information on the benefits of a Homebirth Delivery Vs. a Hospital Delivery, visit our "Home Birth Advantage" page). Nevertheless, keeping Midwife Services completely separate from a hospital, birthing center, or any medical or institutional setting allows the mother to enjoy total privacy and control over her surroundings, while encouraging a sense of comfort, safety and love.



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