Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth


The point here is that you do have a choice in both your birth location and in your healthcare practitioner. If you have had a poor birth experience in the past, please do not blame yourself for it. You made a decision based on what you knew at the time, and what you believed was right for you and your family at the time.

If you are planning a family in the near future or are pregnant now, and your choice is made based on your current knowledge, reasonable research, and life experience - rather than purely on peer pressure from others, chances are you will be able to comfortably live with your decision, no matter what the outcome of your birth experience turns out to be.

The Home Birth Advantage Summary

There are many reasons for choosing to have your baby with a Certified Professional Midwife Attended Birth at Home. Here are just a few of the 'Home Birth Advantage' benefits:


  • Midwifery is a safe, gentle, non-interventive approach to birth.
  • The warm familiar home territory and freedom to choose your own birth options allows a 'safe and secure' response which releases endorphins creating a sense of well being and providing natural pain relief. Just the opposite is true of the cold unfamiliar territory of a hospital setting, which triggers the 'fight or flight' response that releases excess adrenaline potentially stalling labor and creating tension and pain.
  • Freedom to move about, eat, drink, and choose your own birth options, including a labor pool or water birth.
  • The mother and father are never separated from each other or from their baby, allowing for uninterrupted natural bonding.
  • No Epidural Anesthesia, Episiotomy, Fetal Monitors, Vacuum Extraction / Forceps, are ever used.
  • Since the homebirth mother is already immune to the bacteria in her own home, she avoids the potential contraction of infectious germs in a hospital setting.
  • The Mother is helped to maintain low to moderate risk status through counseling, proper nutrition, and excellent prenatal care, which contributes to avoiding preventable complications.
  • "Midwives form the bridge between communities and facilities. They transcend the levels of care within health systems, and are essential to the continuum of care during the childbearing cycle." - Kathy Herschderfer, Secretary-General of ICM.


After extensive state approved schooling and a comprehensive apprenticeship, all Licensed Midwives (LM's) are Licensed by the State to legally practice midwifery (in Texas, New Mexico, and most US states). The title "Certified Professional Midwife" is a legally protected title that differentiates the midwife as also being certified by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM), the only national organization that certifies direct entry or licensed midwives.

Although NARM certification is not a legal requirement, it does certify that your midwife has not only met the state requirements, but has also met additional educational requirements, received testimonials from peer midwives and from clients, demonstrated familiarity with and experience in all procedures of normal prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, and has passed a written examination and complete skills requirement of NARM. A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) will be able to show you her certificate or wallet card from NARM. Please call Dawn Cockrell, LM, CPM today for your free consultation and information packet! 432-413-9292.